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Trends of the Top  Sopranos 

                  @Angela Carr 

Entrepreneur in music

Co-Founder & CEO - Epyac Music

I combine my passions for business & music by leading the company I founded, Epyac Music .                              





@Angela Carr- a legendary Soprano artist # at House of David recording studio # singing & collaborating with Epyac Music 

    @Blade Adams # new poprock60's & soul       artist# coming soon ... December 2018               Epyac Music|Official Website only




Ben's father loved music very much. Ben inherited his passion and learned passionately to  play violin, guitar and piano. Later, he graduated from the Music Academy and played   for several years with industry professionals .. He became widely known for his business performance and custom productions. Now, Ben lives in Europe. He has a lot of creative plans for the future ...




Benoïder A.

Associate - Epyac Music








Anna G.

Associate - Epyac Music









Laure F.

Associate - Epyac Music